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Offering Unparalleled Quality in Ambulatory, Wheelchair and Stretcher Transportation!
The company 
At R&S Transportation services, we are a leading provider of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services. Our company was founded with the mission to ensure that individuals who require medical assistance but do not require emergency care have access to safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation. The company holds itself to the highest standards with all the services we offer in every aspect of the work we do.We understand the unique challenges faced by patients in need of non-emergency medical transportation, and we are committed to meeting their needs with compassion and professionalism.

Why R&S LLC Transportation ?

Working Together


Our dedication to our customers directly contributes to every success we have.We are committed to giving our clients the finest possible experience. Our supportive team is service-obsessed, and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve how clients engage with our brands. 

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Our company's culture is firmly rooted in our commitment to customer satisfaction. We're committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients and developing a solid relationship with them.

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Our professionalism contributes to client happiness by creating a positive and reliable experience. It involves clear communication, delivering quality results and showing respect. It builds trust and confidence, making our clients feel valued and well taken care of.

What makes us different? 



Our drivers and vehicles undergo strict credentialing processes, including vehicle inspections, driver and attendant background checks and screening, and unannounced field monitoring checks to ensure our riders always experience safe and reliable transportation.


Driver Quality

We thoroughly screen our drivers to ensure they meet our high standards. Driving records are scrutinized and physical exams are required. We also provide professional training in safety techniques and on the job training with a supervisor.


Vehicle/Fleet Quality

Each vehicle in our fleet meets or exceeds the American Disabilities Act requirements. Vans are equipped with electronic hydraulic lifts, and feature heating and air conditioning for maximum safety and comfort of our passengers.

Service and Experience

R&S has set the standard for courteous service. Providing top of line transportation since 2014, we offer affordable rates with flexible options and customizable, one stop services for all your home health care and transportation needs.

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